Malte Nissen


I live in an apartment in the Copenhagen suburbs with my brother.

I always enjoy a challenge. Whether it is a technical computer issue or a challenging workout, I’m always ready.

In my spare time, I have a great interest in gin and rum. One way I challenge myself in this regard is by distilling alcohol myself. So, there is plenty to learn for the next many years.

My professional background is in IT support. I was trained at a small services company where all our work was on-premises. This gave me plenty of hands-on experience with different tasks, from VoIP to SQL servers. I have acquired a wide range of skills within IT and a greater understanding of how to structure operational IT architecture.

Since then, I have spent some time supporting a larger organisation with IT, furthering my first-hand experience with some of the challenges faced in more complex corporate IT-setups.

Core competencies

  • IT administration
  • Information security