Thomas Bang

Sales Manager

I live south of Copenhagen. I am married to Sofie, and together, we have three boys.

For many years, I worked in sales within the fashion industry. When my wife had to explain to my oldest son, of six years, what my new job was about, she used a recent phishing attempt as an example. “Do you remember those bad guys trying to lure money from mom on the internet the other day? Dad is helping catch those guys.”

I did not have the heart to tell him that I help reduce risk. So, at home, I am the “internet police” who makes it difficult for bad guys to take companies’ money and information. When the “internet police badge” is off, I often go running, work out in the gym or hit the sauna. In the winter, I enjoy winter bathing and skiing with my family.

Professionally, I am interested in sales, procurement, and business development. I particularly enjoy analyzing the numbers that come with it all. In addition, I love meeting new people.