Quantitative IT risk analysis provides

Overview and insight into your IT risk

Compliance with current legislations

Insight into the effect of information security initiatives

IT security – a complex craft

As our society is increasingly digitalized, it brings around business opportunities, but risk follow on its tail. To navigate safely in these waters, you need an appropriate level of IT security. Unfortunately, we see many that secure too little, too much or in the wrong areas.

Secure, transparent and scientifically-based methods are necessary for good IT risk management. It is time to move on from qualitative methods and gut feelings. We at ACI see it as our mission to share the solution, quantitative risk management.


“Information security in the organization must be controlled by risk tolerance and frequent fact-based risk analysis, not by fear and intimidation.”
ACI dogma #8


Quantitative IT risk management is efficient and evidence-based

You set the course for optimal IT security with quantitative risk management. It is the evidence-based alternative that best communicates risk and security with your board of directors and executive management.

Through statistics, modelling, measurement and unbiased consultation, we guide you towards an appropriate level of IT security – never too little, too much or in the wrong areas.

Konsulent Frederik Thygesen tegner en loss exceedence curve

Navigate risk safely and systematically

For more than 12 years, we have helped financial-, and utility companies understand their actual IT threat landscape and act appropriately. To that end, we have refined our quantitative methods for optimal IT risk management. Please meet, SARA.

Security Assessment, Risk Assessment

It-risikostyringsmetoden SARA hjælper jer til at forstå, strukturere og prioritere risici. I bliver klædt på til at kunne agere hensigtsmæssigt og opnå den bedste risikoreduktion per krone.

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